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Our Vision is to develop and introduce technology based programs that fosters: Innovation, Education, Leadership, and Mentorship

Our Mission at NOW, Inc. is to empower youth with skills and education for their future. The focus of our efforts will be the Middle and High School students of the Hays County and Travis County areas.


Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest, until the good is better and the better is best. This is a philosophy James Roy Jacobs has patterned his life by since a very young age. Born in Tacoma, Washington to James and Louise Jacobs, James had an early and sincere strive for excellence.

James demonstrated his merit throughout grade school in Washington’s public school system. A natural leader, he quickly became involved in local and community affairs, while taking a liking to faith-based projects, fine arts activities, and administrative programming.

After graduating with honors, these proficient skills moved with James to Texas as he pursued his collegiate career.  Always believing that anything is possible, James quickly became an instrumental role model in the South Texas region.  Serving as the Youth Board of Director for Intel Clubhouse Technology Center for Intercity Youth, Administrator for Word Of Life Christian Center, and a long-time mentor within the Hays School District, James’ impact in the life’s of youth and the community at large is immeasurable.

Driven by faith, success, and the desire to help others, James’ ambitious nature led him and his twin brother to become entrepreneurs and change-agents by organizing and developing annual youth and young-adult conferences in the Texas area. Headed into the 10th Annual Conference, James and his team foster the educational minds of youth, while creating a rewarding atmosphere of growth and well-being.

In addition, to the Youth and Young-adult Conferences, James and his twin brother hold successful careers as national recording artist, Double Portion. With three well-released albums, national music tours, and a growing fan base, Double Portion’s public eye is a successful vehicle James uses to promote spiritual wellness and the progression of youth.

A self-proclaimed “geek” and “computer nerd”, James’ passion is technology. James is a walking encyclopedia of all things techno and has shared this passion with others from all walks of life. Through the GenYes Program, James offers 1st through 3rd grade Students computer and online courses to further their education with the Clover Park School District. Volunteering most of his time to make a difference, James is also a mentor with the “Communities and Schools” program and actively supports and participates in many educational functions with the Austin Public School system.

James’ home and local community is the highest priority. His innate and flawless ability to interact with youth and young adults is a cause for applause. As a young and successful business-man, James currently serves as the Executive Director for Life Stages and Development, a more than 15 year old non-profit, that nourishes and develops the life’s of youth.

It is through this organization that James turns dreams into reality. With the recent purchase of a new full size Recreational Vehicle (RV) Trailer, James has begun NOW (New Opportunities Waiting), Inc., to bring computer technology to the youth. With technology and education mobile, more youth will be reached, affording them the great opportunity to learn, dream big, and to make it happen for themselves! NOW, Inc. has the great mission to empower and equip youth with the skills and education to better their future.

James Roy Jacobs is a leader of today. He encourages both the young and old, to strive for success – to make your better your best! Until, then he will not rest.